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6 Flamenco Guitar in Wester Red Cedar, Rosewood, cyprus, and spanish cedar .jpg

Collin Garrity

fell in love with woodworking at Warren Wilson College. He started out in lutherie, building 13 stringed instruments, and has always been fascinated by the contrast of exacting detail and subjective abandon required. For example the strings are all different thickness, and are set into the bone in such a way as to look evenly spaced: at the cost of actually being evenly spaced.

7 Veneer Laminate Belt for LEMAIRE, Zebrawood.jpg

HIs Favorite Collaboration

was with Christophe Lemaire and Sarah-Linh Tran. they worked together on several belts, including this all-wood belt, which was featured on the LEMAIRE FW15 runway at Paris Fashion week. The greatest challenge in building the belt to both make it strong and durable and to also make it SEEM strong and durable. Two very different tasks.

Pulitzer collin garrity

Thanks to Kickstarter

and all the people who supported the project, Collin was able to buy a studio space in St Louis, MO. He’s been slowly fixing up the building (an old bar) while growing his collection of designs. He still makes the oak/walnut folding table that launched this next step, and he’s been working on some matching chair designs.

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